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Chelsea Animal Hospital Goes Digital

Just click and there it is instantly, an x-ray on the computer monitor of the patient lying on the table.  The doctors and the technicians at the Chelsea Animal Hospital are thrilled with their new digital x-ray system.  “We are certainly not the first to get one in Central Vermont, “ says Dr. Anne Carroll, “but it’s really exciting that the cost of the technology has dropped over the past couple years to the point where even a small, rural practice like ours can offer this level of diagnostics for our patients.”   Just as in human medicine, the generation of x-rays has not changed dramatically over the years.  All of the advancement has been on the image acquisition and manipulation side.   With this new technology x-rays are captured and available almost instantly for viewing.  Like any other electronic image, areas can be lightened or darkened, zoomed into or even measured.   Patient’s records are now entirely electronic and easily transferable.  They can be e-mailed for specialist consultations and a cd can be burned for clients to take home.  “Both our clients and our patients are going to love this system,” states Dr. Betty Jo Black.  “Even though we have made a major investment, it will actually be more affordable for our clients in being able to take multiple views of their pet for less money. “  The pets will appreciate this system as well.  Because there is no need to wait for x-ray films to process or to re-take pictures, they will be less stressed and spend far less time away from there owners.   Office manager Jim Veneziano comments, “Once paid off, the system will cost less to operate and without the processing of x-ray film it will be environmentally responsible.”  Dr Carroll adds, “We are both a traditional and holistic veterinary practice that also integrates alternative medicine.  We diagnose issues from many different perspectives, but from a technological standpoint, this new system levels the playing field for our clients providing a “big city” service in our small town.”


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Kiera Marie

Kiera came to us in 2012 after being rescued from a stressful home.  She is 13 years old and a trim 11 pounds.  Other than her hyperthyroidism, she is perfectly healthy.  She very willingly posed for her x-ray.


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