A Holistic Approach




    Probably the biggest underlying issue that contributes to chronic disease of all kinds is an inappropriate diet.  Over time, its effects on the proper bowel bacteria, bowel function and the immune system can have far reaching ramifications.

    Our doctors use diet as a means to support a pet’s healthy lifestyle or to assist in the management of acute conditions or chronic disease.  Since there is no one perfect food for any animal, we make specific nutritional recommendations with the knowledge of that pet’s medical, physical and environmental influences. 

    We all know that as people we cannot thrive long term by eating out of a box.  Our bodies require the nourishment found only in quality ingredients such as fresh meats and vegetables.  The same holds true for our pets and we guide our clients in choosing appropriate dietary ingredients, fed in a form that is digestible.  Under doctors supervision, we encourage the substitution of processed ingredients, like dry kibble, for those that are more biologically appropriate such as fresh vegetables, raw and cooked meats, organ meats and cartilage. 

    In addition, nutrition can be used to treat medical conditions and maximize response to conventional and alternative therapies.  Facilitating digestion so that the body can obtain vital nutrients from the diet, and then providing specific nutrients to strengthen an affected tissue or body system is an extremely effective way to encourage long term health.  By the same token, avoiding dietary items that create system stress can free the body to heal.  The body is designed to maintain itself - given the proper tools and relief of obstacles in its way, it often does a fine job with little medical guidance.