A Holistic Approach


Our Philosophy:


    Our approach is holistic, emphasizing nutrition, vaccine titers and a healthy lifestyle as the basis for a successful preventative health program.

    We believe in utilizing the best in western veterinary medicine in life threatening situations and for immediate relief and short term management of symptoms.  In addition, we use alternative options such as acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy to treat the core problem.  This hinders recurrence and promotes long term wellness by strengthening the body’s natural healing properties.  

    Nutrition also plays an important role in our practice both as a basis for health and as a tool to manage disease.  We educate our clients to assess the quality of commercial foods and to appreciate the role of unprocessed food in their pet’s diet.

    In the end, we feel a that a well informed owner is the greatest asset in maintaining the health of a pet.  Our appointments typically run an hour in length.  Doctors are able to spend time listening to concerns, providing information, and formulating a practical plan that is best suited for you and your pet.  All of this is accompanied with in-depth after care in order to track your pet’s progress.   

    This multifaceted approach is at the core of our practice philosophy. 

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